Simon James


Recognised as one of the UK’s finest classical spiritual mediums, Simon discovered his psychic and mediumistic abilities as a child. This knowledge marked the beginning of his interest in all aspects of the intuitive arts.

While in his teens, Simon began his mediumistic development at his local Spiritualist centre. Shortly afterwards, he was taken under the tutelage of Gordon Higginson, President of the Spiritualists' National Union, Principal of the Arthur Findlay College and one of the greatest mediums of the 20th century. Simon is one of only a few mediums whose development was guided by Gordon. During these years, Simon worked publicly alongside Gordon, as well as Paul Jacobs, who was also in receipt of Gordon’s instruction. 

Concurrent with his mediumistic development, Simon completed a degree in Applied Psychology. Gordon encouraged Simon to introduce the subject of applied psychology at the world famous Arthur Findlay College and to include it in the general education of mediums.

Simon became the youngest tutor at the Arthur Findlay College. Later, he became a course organiser as well. During this time, he worked closely with Mavis Pittilla, a world renowned medium who also trained with Gordon.

Throughout this time as well, Simon’s work took him the length and breadth of the UK, demonstrating and teaching mediumship and the intuitive arts. Subsequently, he expanded his travels, working throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States

In 1994 Simon founded the Spirit of Youth, an organisation that he created to encourage alternative ways of presenting Spiritualism. While he stepped down in 1999 as its chair, the organisation continues to this day. Simon was also a founding member of Spiritualist Aid - an umbrella organisation under which Spiritualists raise money for charitable causes.

In 1999, Simon accepted what was to be a temporary position at the Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary. It represented an opportunity for him to live and work in Victoria, Canada. Simon is currently a director and the vice-president of the Open Door and Victoria has now become his permanent home. When at home, Simon teaches, demonstrates, participates in establishing research panels and develops training programmes in all aspects of Rational Spiritualism.

Simon also continues to teach and demonstrate throughout the UK and is a tutor, a senior course organiser and an assessor at a number of institutes. He is one of only a few tutors in Britain who is qualified to teach the instructors of mediumship. Simon James is also an officiate of the Spiritualist National Union

Along with study and practice of mediumship, Simon has studied the Tarot, in depth, for more than 20 years. He has a vast knowledge of comparative religion and has studied extensively the spiritual traditions of different world cultures. Combining these interests, Simon has developed numerous unique courses, which are steeped in myth and tradition.

Simon’s particular passion is the psychology and science of the applied mediumistic arts. He has taught people from a variety of backgrounds, from teachers to medical professionals, in all aspects of the intuitive arts. Simon strongly believes that mediumistic knowledge is not the preserve of the few, but rather it is for the spiritual and psychological well-being of the many: "If we can take away the fear of death, then we can remove the fear of living this life to the fullest."