Minister Kathryn Grundy

Curriculum Vitae

I was brought up in an orthodox religion which could never really answer the questions I had. For many years I looked at different belief systems and got married and had a family. I was drawn to Spiritualism in the early 1980’s and when I first entered a Spiritualist Church I knew I had found what I had been looking for. I started to attend the church on a regular basis, and my husband Tom became interested in healing. At the time we had very busy lives, so to get a bit of peace I used to go with Tom to the Healing Service. Tom became a healer, and I was content to sit in the peace and enjoy it. Spirit had other ideas. Within a few weeks I felt an energy which I didn’t understand at the time, but later discovered was Healing. I have been privileged to be a Spiritual Healer since 1987. I continue to work on a Monday night in the same church where I began all those years ago. In the meantime I have learnt about Healing. I have learnt just how wonderful that energy can be, and how powerful it is when used selflessly. I have been working as a District Healing Representative for 13years, and for the last 10 years I have been on the SNU Healing Committee, for 3 years as a Committee Member, and for the last 7 years as Chairman. My work involves teaching Healing at the Arthur Findlay College and around the country, Training Trainee Healers in the art and understanding of Healing and Assessing Healers as they work through the various grades of understanding from Approved Healer to Certificate and Diploma grades. My committee also have written and devised a Training programme, and a Code of Conduct and Healing and the Law documents for healers, and various training manuals to help those who are Training Healers. I also represent the Spiritualists’ National Union at UK Healers, an organisation representing approximately 17,500 Healers within the UK. My work there has involved setting up minimum standards for healers within the UK in the fields of membership, training, assessing, discipline, the Code of Conduct and Healing and the Law which Healers within the UK have to adhere to.

I also work in a deep altered state which allows Spirit to have more control of the Healing process, and as this gives me a deeper understanding of the altered state I work on the SNU Trance Healing week at the Arthur Findlay College.

Healing is a wonderful gift; to be part of the process which may result in another person regain balance between the mental/emotional/physical and spiritual aspects of themselves is wonderful to see. My greatest joy when teaching is to see a student unlock their potential. Hopefully when we work together on this weekend, that is what will happen to you.